About Me

Hi, my name is Nicole Benoit-Roy. I have been working as a Spiritual Education Leader since 2000. I specialize in helping young children and their families identify and achieve their spiritual goals by developing a close-knit relationship with God through constant exposure to His Word and through prayer. I give God the glory for the progress and success of my clients and look forward to working with you. Click button below to learn more.



I educate and lead people to discover: 


    • Their identity in Christ and their spirituality.

      • This is the teaching that God made us and that we’re not our own. We belong to Him! 

      • In God is the fullness of who we are and in Him is where our identity lies. 

      • Therefore, if we want to know ourselves we have to know God, our Maker. In other words, outside of Christ, we do not have an identity. 

      • And the fact that God is a Spirit Being, we, too, are spirit beings.


How to transform their spiritual life by helping to…

    • Develop a close-knit relationship with God 

      • This is the teaching that we acknowledge God for who He is and always come to Him with thanksgiving and a grateful heart. 

      • A good activity for developing this relationship is to keep a daily gratitude journal which will in turn improve our faith in God. Book, 365 Days of Gain-Full Gratitude Journaling, will be available soon.

      • To have a transform spiritual life is to have great faith because it is our faith that determines the steps we take.​​​​​


    • Leverage the power of faith to transform the mind

      • This is the teaching that without faith no one can come to God who has the creative power to transform and that as a man thinks so he is. 

      • For instance, a person’s decision or action is a direct result of what he thinks.

    • Live out the promises of God
      • This is the teaching that God’s Word is living and that we should claim the promises of God over our lives in order to live them out. 

      • While claiming the promises of God is good, however, obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit as it relates to God’s will for our lives is crucial. 

      • In other words, obedience is the key to living out the promises of God in our lives.